Tour De Bluff 2017 Cycle Jersey

The 2017 Cycle Jersey is available inside the Tour De Bluff Registration site. Be sure to place your order in advance to guarantee that your jersey will ready for you before the event.


This meticulously created bicycling jersey is made for the safety of every cyclist on the road or trail. Influenced by generations of bicyclists of every skill and style, we designed the Pace 360 Degree High Visibility Safety Jersey just for all of you out there year after year pushing through every condition imaginable and loving every step of it! As cyclists we have all had that experience of feeling invisible on the road, close calls, light outages, poor road conditions, construction, dark nights, dreary weather, you name it, and we felt that too. So here is a Fantastic addition to providing you a safer passage my pedal pushing friends! Technically constructed with the features we all love in cycling jerseys like, soft, lightweight, breathable poly fabric with great wickability to stay dry and comfortable, a nice long zipper for ventillation and easy on/off, and three deep pockets positioned to avoid snags and for easy reach access while in the saddle. The star of this safety cycling jersey is the super reflectivity of the wide ribbons that are featured on the front, back and sides of this Pace High Visibility Safety Reflective Jersey! Strategically placed so that no matter where the light hits you, you will be seen as bright and reflective as possible. And, to top off the awesome features of this reflective, safety jersey, the cut and fit our talented designers created makes you look super cool and professional.


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