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Tour De Bluff

Saturday, September 13-14, 2019 - Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Staying in shape can be fun!  To prove it, Novel T’s Custom Screen Printing and Ad Specialty Gallery, ARORA and The City of Pine Bluff are hosting the 16th annual Tour de Bluff. Tour De Bluff 2019 is an opportunity to see and participate in the rebuilding of a great Central Arkansas community. Tour De Bluff 2019 has new routes and new activities that will make your experience even more fun than before!


Organizers have set up a fun-filled event with great new activities starting on Friday September 13, 2019 at the Pine Bluff Convention Center. Riders will be able to pick up their packets starting at 12:00 pm. Vendors and sponsors will be setup for the public.


Tour De Bluff 2019 will feature the new Tour De Bluff Friday Social!

Tour De Bluff Friday Social, sponsored by Novel T’s, Arora and The City Of Pine Bluff, is an opportunity for participants, family, visitors, and the local community to socialize and have a fun time together in Pine Bluff along with the sounds of Blues music. Registered Tour De Bluff participants will receive free gifts, snacks and refreshments provided by Tour De Bluff sponsors.


Tour De Bluff Saturday will feature bicycle safety information, Tour De Bluff road race, bicycle courses designed for riders to travel any comfortable distance and a Health Fair. Tour de Bluff is a family activity for people of all ages to learn the safe way to enjoy bicycling and have lots of fun. Anyone can participate; those who are just learning to ride a bicycle; those who ride regularly; and those who haven’t been on a bicycle since they were kids. If you don’t ride, come anyway; there will entertainment and food for everyone.


Saturday begins at 7:00 a.m. with registration in downtown Pine Bluff. Road racers who would like to complete for the Tour de Bluff road race title start the course. Leisure riders wanting to ride the course any distance “just for fun” and distance riders will begin after all racers have started.  While they are gone, others may watch and/or participate in the fun games, entertainment, and activities, which include a bicycle safety demonstration, a Fire Engine display by the Pine Bluff Fire Department, a “BEST LOOKING BIKE” contest. 4H and Jefferson County Growing Healthy Communities have partnered for Bicycle Safety stations to teach safe riding skills. Tour De Bluff is also setup as a Boy Scout Challenge. Boy Scouts can work on their Cycling Merit Badge and earn a patch.


The goal for Tour de Bluff is to show people how to stay in shape while having fun and helping people rediscover the joy of bicycle riding as a great way to accomplish this goal.


Tony Carruth


There are only a few people in your life that will make an indelible mark. There are, however, a  few people who have a special gift for being a person who marks many lives in significant ways. Tony Carruth was one of those people; once you met him, you never forgot him.

Tony's passion was motorcycles and bicycles. His considerable knowledge and skill was acquired by working, competing and performing on both. They were also his "foot in the door" for many conversations with almost anyone. Tony was a guy that lived every moment of his life to its fullest. He seemed happy and fulfilled any time and in any situation that you came in contact with him. He had a gift for being able to bond with everyone.

Tony's  greatest character trait was that he wanted everyone he met to be as happy and fulfilled as he was. Tony was unique because he always seemed to do everything in his power to help others experience life to its fullest like he did. He constantly invested his money, influence, skill, and encouragement to others.  Some of the things Tony did are:


*Built a Free Bike park behind his Bike shop, Tony's Radical Sportz, where multitudes of young people have spent countless hours learning tricks and sharpening their skills.


*Repaired bikes for free and made them safe for riding


*Taught bike tricks and helped other bikers prepare for competition


*Made sure that anyone who wanted to ride a bicycle would be able to do so


This was the spirit that Tony exhibited whenever he was asked to help organize Tour De Bluff.


Tony Carruth, along with his mother, perished in a tragic house fire. There are a lot of lives that Tony influenced and many more stories.  For this reason, the name "Tony Carruth" is added to Tour De Bluff in his honor.

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